Why Choose Grindstone

Technology companies are different from other businesses. You make your own rules. You run at your own speed. And you usually operate on a very tight budget.

To meet the specific demands of organizations like yours, we have created a different kind of business model – one that gives you access to first-class recruiting and advisory services without breaking the bank.

Strategic partner to your business

Whether you are expanding your workforce or building a new recruitment infrastructure from scratch, Grindstone Recruiting works as a strategic partner and trusted advisor to your executives and hiring managers. We listen, support and guide your team through all phases of the process, and make sure that the timelines and outcomes align with your company vision.

Inroads to the best candidates

Over the years, we have developed strategies for attracting, identifying and securing the right people for your organization. We know how to find proven industry leaders and key contributors who will exceed your expectations and accomplish your most ambitious, long-range goals.

Premium recruiting services for the start-up budget

Our financial structure is centered around relationships. Not transactions. This means that we serve as your exclusive recruiter and consultant for as long as you need us. In exchange for this loyalty, we offer the finest quality recruitment services while staying within your budget.

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