Our Services

As a technology company, you need a recruiter who understands your industry. The pace of innovation. The demands on your leadership team. The skill sets required of your engineers, marketers and sales staff. The tight budgets and rapidly changing deadlines

At Grindstone Recruiting, we know the technology field. And we're tireless when it comes to creating recruiting solutions that help build and expand your business. Our services include:

  • Full life cycle recruiting

    Whether you need a single employee or an entire workforce, Grindstone Recruiting will find the right leaders and individual contributors for all areas of your organization.

    We begin the process by working side-by-side with your executives, hiring managers and staff to determine the scope of your needs, develop position profiles and gain first-hand knowledge of your corporate culture.

    Next, we conduct extensive market and competitive research to identify candidates that have the personality and expertise to fit in with your team. We carefully evaluate these individuals and present a few stand-out choices for your review.

    Finally, we facilitate salary negotiations and job offers to ensure that your company is protected, supported and represented with professionalism and integrity at all times.

  • Recruitment infrastructure development

    Many early-stage companies have no recruitment programs or hiring practices in place. This can be costly and inefficient as you try to establish a profitable, steadily growing organization.

    Grindstone Recruiting is available to create a complete recruitment infrastructure from the ground up. Depending on your specific needs, you'll receive a customized recruiting plan and strategy, clearly defined job descriptions, interview coaching and expert advice through all stages of the process, including candidate screening and salary negotiations.

  • Hiring practice redesign and improvement

    For companies that require a bit of fine-tuning to streamline the hiring process and attract more sought-after job candidates, Grindstone Recruiting will step in as a strategic advisor and consultant. We'll analyze your current practices, pinpoint potential shortfalls and offer cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business plan and budget.

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